Sinerrgia Consulting

Sinerrgia is a Virtual HR Consulting Firm focussed on enabling SMEs and Startups to lead their people function with ease and excellence. We specialise in setting up the HR function for start-ups and for building standalone HR processes in the established HR functions.


1. Virtual CHRO /End to End HR Outsourcing: we offer the entire spectrum of HR starting from the base, building the structure, aligning processes to developing a culture focussed people function over a period of time.

2. HR Projects: Sometimes Organizations require specialist HR services for specific interventions or projects that are generally time-bound and not perennial in nature.

  • Setting up of HR department – formats, processes
  • Creating HR Framework (Policies & Processes),
  • Creating Employee Manual and Induction Handbook
  • Development and Implementation of Performance Management Systems,
  • Need-based Learning Interventions,
  • Review & Redesign Compensation & Benefits Plan,
  • Culture Building Initiatives,
  • Assessment Centre & Development Centres for Leadership Identification and Development,
  • Employer branding and Talent attraction Strategy.

3. Talent Acquisition: Search assignments for mid and senior-level


  • IT
  • Electronics & Automation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Manufacturing of sustainable products
  • BPO
  • Consumer Durables
  • Marine services


Rituparna G Vats & Archana Soin


1. A 4-year-old organization which is into the manufacturing space for eco-friendly products has associated with us to take care of their complete HR function from the scratch. Sinerrgia works with them as Virtual CHRO and engages with the key stakeholders and employees to execute the HR strategy and partner with the department heads.

2. A small sized automation company from the electronics industry approached us to set a framework for their employee performance and review. The company was growing but they had no formal structure for goal setting, performance & behavioural feedback and future planning. Sinerrgia put a framework for performance management using a top-down approach, however, the inputs were from all major stakeholders. The framework reflected the values of the organization and considered the culture of the place to put in place the process, templates and communication. Regular Training interventions supported the implementation.

3. A mid-sized IT services company had processes and people. The processes were made at the early stages of the company and therefore had lost their relevance over time. Moreover, the frameworks/policies lacked the modern context of employee experience.

4. Our first focus was to set in place a comprehensive performance & development plan through a process which converged the diverse roles to work towards the common objective. The vision, values and culture were articulated and aligned with the customer’s needs. We are working on re-jigging other processes (Recruitment & On-Boarding, Compensation & Benefit, Rewards & Recognition, Employee Engagement etc) that will lead to a superlative employee experience.

5. A start-up in the space of renewable energy was looking to build their team of key talent. Attracting the right talent, making the right impression, formulating and communicating the employee value proposition was the need. Sinerrgia provided talent advisory support for hiring the key members of the team.