5 Important Features to Ask from Your Performance Management Software

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Performance Management is evolving.

Is your performance management software ready?

What are the top 5 features that performance management software & systems should possess to be in sync with the current needs of the industry?

All over & across, leading corporations are ringing in the changes surely & swiftly to evaluate employee performance.

Popular terms like annual appraisals are slowly going out of vogue. Bell curves & forced employee rankings are words to be avoided at all cost in this age of vocabulary correctness.

Sample some of those who are scrapping the annual performance review process – General Electric, Accenture, Adobe & Microsoft. In favor is a less formal process to track how employees are doing their jobs.

A strong belief is growing that a continuous process of regular feedback to employees should be at the core of the new age performance management system.

Performance reviews rank right up there with answering email and going to meetings as one of the most despised chores of the workplace.

Closer home, in the last year, we have seen companies like TCS, Wipro & Infosys too deciding to move to a more holistic performance management process which places individual employee development as the core objective and an attempt to delink the annual increments to the core development oriented process.

In such an evolving landscape, the tools that support performance management processes should evolve to meet the current needs & today we reveal the 5 absolutely key features that such tools should have.

5 Important Features to Ask from Your Performance Management Software from GroSum

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