22 Experts share their Employee Engagement Strategies

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Employee Engagement is usually confused with Employee Happiness. However, it is much more than that. It is simply understood as the employee’s emotional investment in the company and its vision.

It is a complex concept to understand with so many definitions available, and even more difficult to implement. With the onset of the global community, the number of opportunities for your best employees is not less.

Most managers think increasing pay, and simply by moving employees up the ladder is enough. Or, maybe arranging an office party will do the trick. However, the key is to make your employees feel cared for. This is how you will keep them from shifting companies.

How do you show you care? What strategies and tactics do the experts in this field use? What are some new ideas that these brightest brains have come up with?

We asked global experts a few questions to understand their perspectives and approach. The aim is to learn and adopt better strategies for making lives of managers a little easy.

Here is a list of brilliant ideas from the horse’s mouth themselves.

22 Experts share their Employee Engagement Strategies from GroSum

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