5 Key Charcteristics of Feedback that affects performance

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Contrary to what many of us think we believe, the most important tool in our lives is neither WhatsApp nor Facebook.  It is that tool which helps us become better. More of that later! Let’s first try to understand what being better means.

Being better means improving our human performance – of bettering ourselves in every possible aspect. However, the nature of performance is quite difficult to predict. Performance is never a finished product. Its form is evolutionary; it doesn’t have limits. What actually motivates & helps improve performance can’t be fixed to a formula as it’s typically specific to the individual.

However, one thing is for sure – Performance cannot exist without feedback; just as there is no effect without a cause or an output without an input. That is how intrinsically feedback is tied to the performance outcome.

So, what then are the characteristics of Feedback that affects Performance?

The following are 5 of the key characteristics

5 Key Characteristics of Feedback that affects performance from GroSum

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