Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell speaks about “Performance Management and Organizational Culture.”

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Video Summary

Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell, Esq., CPA, CCLC, The Leadership Champion and CEO of Leading Through Living Community LLC tells us 4 things on how Performance Management can help us build a great company culture.

Video Transcript

Four things that I’d like to talk with you about is number one, improving human interaction. We have a lot of gadgets that make our lives easier. These phones and smart watches and all these things that create a lot of time for us in terms of improving our efficiency but they don’t necessarily push us toward using that time to spend with other people and so it’s really important that when we can pick up the phone, and then when we can go and talk with someone face-to-face that we do, so we have to remember when it comes to evaluating a person, and saying whether they do a good job or they need some improvement that those conversations are best done verbally and the more a person spends time in your presence the more that they can appreciate that you appreciate them, they get to know you and how you and act with them, and so they can infer how much you care and then end of the day, people stay in places where they like to work. It’s not just about money or benefits. Most leaders in their industries, pay about the same. I have about the same benefits package.

So there has to be a little more… And one of those things is how you treat your people and you treat them well, by showing them in person.

Now, of course, there are times when you do have to fire off the long email when there is something really technical that you need to explain or something that a person needs a chance to think about. Obviously, you have to do a little more than having a conversation but other than those times take the time to spend some time.

The second thing you can do is really easy, but is against the grain is to embrace employ online programs that do not necessarily be in a terminal degree.

Don’t get me wrong. I have taken my undergrad degree and my law degree from a brick and mortar school.

That being said, but there is a push or a trend toward people, particularly those in Gen-Y going to programs that may have a certification that allows them to get the training and the tools that they need to do the job that the employer needs. And so the employer can recognize that turn and say, “You know what, we’re going to reimburse you for that or just like we give employees time after work hours to complete their degree were are going to do the same for you.” Little things that are not so little and they contribute to the employee working harder and working better in proving performance.

The third thing is that we don’t necessarily think about is up-skilling and re-training our current employees, it’s a given that when we hire people we expect him to have a certain skill set and knowledge base that is absolutely right back that you’ve been on the job a while, and particularly in industries where things change your skills that can become obsolete in a matter of months, or be short years and so it’s really important to continue to re-train and re-evaluate where employees can get there. Let’s make one, now I have to hold some several employers who have been afraid to do that because they don’t want to invest all of this time training and money in employees who were going to leave and take that somewhere else particularly to a competitive… Right, but think of it this way.

Remember when I said that it’s more than just money and more than just benefits, that keeps a person there up-skilling and retraining communicates to the employee that there is care there, and when there is caring there, there is loyalty and loyalty will triumph money and money will triumph benefits any day of the week.

The last thing that I would like you to think about is putting mental health and self-care on equal footing as physical elements. If a person comes and says, “I need some time for me” then recognize that as a valid reason to say Stay home. Now, of course, I know that you have productivity numbers and you have performance maintenance evaluations that you have to come to live up to yourself. However, it is so much better for someone to come and honestly tell you  that I have had it up to here today, and I just need some time for me, I need some time when there’s no one else around so I can get myself together, then for them to come one to work with that negative attitude, mistreating people, possibly even mistreating clients and really affected bottom of mind that is bad for them as far as the performance numbers and is bad for you.

About Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell

Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell, Motivational Speaker | #1 Bestselling Author | Businesswoman

Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell is a Leadership Champion! She is an attorney, CPA, highly sought-after Transformational Speaker and Bestselling Author of three books on leadership and business development. Lynita is the CEO of both Leading Through Living Community, a book publishing and success coaching company, and BOLD Favor Media Group, a magazine publishing, and event management firm. She serves as Chairperson of the National Board of Directors of the Leadership Innovation Transformation (LIT) College Tour, is a past president of the Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Attorney-CPA’s, and is the recipient of several awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award by the US President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation. To learn more about Lynita, visit www.livingthelifestyle.live.

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