Ajay Ambewadikar, Country HR Manager, CNH Industrial

24 plus years strong Manufacturing base HR experience. Started from basics of Personnel management to transformation management of people and organization at diversified organizations. Have seen three phase of transitions of change in Manufacturing from the traditional manufacturing process to the WCM( world class Manufacturing ). Was recognized as One of the top India HR persons of India in 2017.

What is currently missing in the way overall employee performance is being managed?

I think the area that needs to take better shape in performance management system is to show a bigger and clear picture of organizational priorities across the organization. Typically, the top two levels are clear, however, as you look more down and deeper then it is experienced that the junior staff is found disconnected in regard to their contribution toward organization goal.

Given that a company’s workforce now has a significant proportion of virtual and freelance workers, how should performance management include them?

As mentioned above, the need is to cascade down the organization goal across the level. It may so happen that for virtual and freelancer the system access might not be possible, however, it is more communicating them their role and integrate them into the accountability matrix for effective performance measurement process.

What are employees, managers and decision makers looking to make performance management more effective?

All three categories have different priority matrix, however, the common expectations could be to have a clear picture of goal/expectation from the top management, keep it simple, defined development plan, two-way communication and finally the most important post appraisal effects.

What are some of the new things being introduced in Performance Management that are working/not working?

Performance management is getting evolved with the business scenario from time to time. What is working well is the linkage between Key Priorities and identification of development plan, people have accepted the tool in the progressive environment and at the same time have high expectations from the outcome. Performance management by philosophy needs to be more developed for the employee development and to monitor and track performance and development and not really a tool to decide employee salary revision. The real outcome which helps business could be talent pipeline and clear succession planning. Let us understand that Performance management process and or the system is just a tool and needs to be integrated as a reference point. The decision needs to be driven by the line manager to make it effective and workable. My experience is the more ownership you have so more effective results you will see from the process.

If not periodic appraisals, then what & how?

Appraisal for any progressive company is through BSC( Balanced Scorecard), it means its part of daily life. The review mechanism could be good to have one in six months considering the business scenario changing.

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3 thoughts on “Ajay Ambewadikar, Country HR Manager, CNH Industrial”

  • Hi Ajay.. Great thoughts, How about your thoughts on to go away from traditional HR process of having annual appraisal and performance review. The business requirements are for more flexible rewards Framework and more then & there also same goes with performance. I think HR Strategy and process should reflect what is right for business which is more outside in approach than vice versa.

    • Hi Sameer,
      you are right, today business scenario has become dynamic and organization needs to align with this change. Performance management is not just a process but its top down philosophy. The what part is decided by the organization which is outside in approach and how part is very much inside. we surely need a change on HOW part, however, every organization needs to take a call basis their maturity level. there NO one common solution to it.

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