Rajiv Vij, Managing Director & CEO at Carzonrent

In today’s workplace, the role of PM is increasing at a faster pace

Rajiv Vij is the MD & CEO, Carzonrent, & is widely acknowledged for redefining the meaning of taxi service industry in India.
Prior to Carzonrent, he has been associated in leadership positions in companies like Jumbo Group & ITC.
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In an exclusive interview with GroSum Performance Management eMag, Mr. Rajiv Vij, MD & CEO, Carzonrent, stated that in today’s workplace, the role of performance management is increasing at a faster pace.

How important is Performance Management (P.M.) in today’s high-flux organization?
Performance management is the process of creating a work environment or setting in which people are enabled to perform to the best of their abilities. As an organization, Carzonrent ensures that at every stage our employees are mentored at every stage of their job. All our employees’ performance is monitored month on month basis and appropriate feedbacks/rewards are provided to the employees to enable them to develop their skills and maximize their performance.

Our performance management system ensures that to align employee objectives and functions to overall organization objectives, thereby creating a sense of contribution for the employee. The system further establishes a two-way communication by ensuring there is a clear understanding of management expectations about results.

Being a leader in the category we give a lot of importance to training and mentoring. At every stage, we continuously track the performance of our employees and believe in grooming and promoting employees within the organization. This, in turn, keeps them motivated and even provides then the guidance to work on the right path.

In today’s workplace, the role of performance management is increasing at a faster pace with every organization aligning their resources, systems, and employees to strategize their objectives and priorities. With the increase in business pressures, the need for intense focus on performance management is now required to execute better business strategies, and to do more with less in order to remain competitive.

How does P.M. actually help companies like yours?
Car Rental business in India in very unorganized, having very few players in the organized market.

The Indian cab rental industry is entering an exciting phase and has witnessed a remarkable growth in the organized side of car rental business. The progressive change in the economic scenario of the country, the growth of the tourism and aviation industries, the improvement in infrastructure (road and highways) and fast technological development in recent years has fueled the growth of the car rental industry. Trained and motivated employees are an integral part of this changing scenario.

While the car rental segment offers varied services, companies in this space need to develop ancillary revenues to improve its viability. By incorporating structured performance management programs, Carzonrent ensures that their quality of service is maintained leading to an increase in their clientele and business.

What are the key gaps in current industry practices in managing employees? performance?
As with most corporate initiatives, the intended goal of performance management and what it actually ends up achieving are often quite different. The core performance management processes include employee engagement activities, financial and operational planning, monitoring of key performance indicators linked to the organizational strategy. Ideally, those pieces work together as a whole to help a company achieve its strategic objectives. In absence of such initiatives, the time and resources both are wasted with an increase in more inefficient employees in the company.

How many employees are there in your organization & how are you managing their performance?
Carzonrent has over 800 employees, over 6000 drivers? the most experienced, professional and versatile in the industry. It has a presence in 39 cities with over 92 locations and an exclusive tie-up with 10 major airports in India. With its fleet of 7500 cars, Carzonrent does 15000 trips daily clocking 100000 km every day to satisfy 6000000 customers annually.

In order to achieve the said numbers, all our employees need to be on the toes 24/7. Carzonrent being the leader in the category believes in grooming and developing the best talents for the industry. As mentioned earlier once an employee joins Carzonrent, he receives the best on the job training, the performance is monitored month on month basis and basis the performance, the employee is guided to take the right path and groom his skills and provide his best performance which in team works best for the company.

Establishing a strong core team of professional managers, the vision of the organization is to build “Carzonrent” as the Indian car rental brand with global scale in terms of fleet size and operations.

What makes a really effective P.M. program? Any best practices to share.
In my opinion, to ensure effective performance management processes it would be necessary to ensure that the strategic business objectives are in alignment with the objectives of the employees, which will further help in facilitating the effective delivery of their pre-defined goals. With regular tracking of the goals and objectives of the employee, it provides an opportunity to recognize and reward the employees for their performance. When effectively implemented, these practices result in a wide range of benefits for the employees, managers, and company.

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