Human Factor

Human Factor is a Human Resource Consulting Company. We partner with
individuals and organizations in aiding their self-development goals
and helping them maximize their output. Our aim is to help each
Individuals become a better version of themselves through the process
of consulting & coaching.

“Unlocking Human Potential” is our motto and an idea we believe in
thoroughly. Each individual and organization has unlimited potential
for growth and must be provided with the opportunity to discover those.
The human Factor provides a bridge for people to connect their potential
with their environment, helping each individual live to the fullest.


a. People Development: Help people to become a better version of
themselves through Coaching for transformation and emotional
b. HR Consulting: HR Transformation through technology
implementation, analytics and HR outsourcing for better employee
experience. help organizations build and implement  HR Strategies for
growth and sustainability, HR Policy & Practice formulations and
process improvement
c. Change Management
d. Workplace Happiness Program Coach: Happiness at work has been tied
to just about every desirable outcome that individuals, workplaces,
and organisations could hope for. Coaching and implementing Workplace
Happiness initiatives for more connected organisations and its people.


a. Coaching HR for a big  Retail Conglomerate

b. HR Transformation for an IT Organization


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