Abirbhav Chatterjee, Founder & CEO, Creatronics

Abirbhav Chatterjee is the Founder and CEO Of Creatronics, a Geospatial, AI/ML products and service based organisation, located at West Bengal and Maharashtra. It deals  with different government bodies of India. He has an MS degree  in Geoinformatics from Symbiosis. He had aspired to start his own venture in Geospatial/GIS/Earth Science domain since his college days. Then later on he worked with Knorr Bremse as GIS engineer for 2.5 years and fulfilled his aspirations by starting Creatronics.

In this TopTalk interview, Abirbhav shares his key experiences in the industry as the young founder of a new-age company in terms of managing his employees’ performance.

Some key insights that Abirbhav shared during the discussion :

  • Quality and Control of any product of the company depends on the hands of the employees. So, employees’ performance matters a lot.
  • Goal-setting gives clarity on the timeline and the quality of the project that is expected.
  • Flexibility in working hours and letting the employees take accountability for their work helps to improve their performance and creates a sense of belonging to the company.

Click on the video below for the full discussion:


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