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9 mobile apps for business productivity

Continuous feedback mobile application

80 % of your workforce access internet with a smartphone.  Companies around the globe are redefining their marketing strategies for mobile users. So why not get mobile applications to become more productive. At a time where people are looking to integrate work into life, here is a list of mobile apps […]

GroSum Mobile Feedback App

GroSum Instant Feedback and check-ins mobile application

GroSum introduces mobile feedback application, in a bid to increase engagement and conversation between people in an organization. When we look at the global stats, mobile email opens have grown by 180% in the last three years. Use of mobile phones in modern workplaces in inevitable because of productivity increase. GroSum […]

GroSum Update : Checkins

Checkins - GroSum

GroSum introduces Checkins, which helps to reinvent the Performance Management process and make it more interactive. Reinventing Performance Management has a key focus on momentum building, i.e. continuous conversation should take place. Even with quarterly reviews, there is a discussion every 12 weeks on the objectives set and the progress on […]