Bhavesh Agrawal, Founder & CEO, SenseHR

Bhavesh Agrawal is the Founder and CEO of SenseHR and via SenseHR’s unique offering, of Setting up and Managing the Entire HR Ecosystem of their Clients, Bhavesh Agrawal is the Global HR HEAD & CHRO of SMAAASH Entertainment Private limited.

Bhavesh has worked for 15+ years in the HR domain as the CHRO and Strategic Top Management Consultant for BRANDS, Corporates, Start-ups, SMEs & Family Run Businesses alike across sectors ranging from Entertainment & Hospitality, Education & Tech Companies, Banks, Infrastructure Companies, Logistics & Manufacturing Companies, and, more. A few of his Clients who trust Bhavesh & SenseHR, for Strategic HR Consulting or for Managing their Entire HR Ecosystem are:

  • SMAAASH Entertainment
  • Amar Chitra Katha
  • India Book House
  • Shrijee Group of Companies
  • Wow Express
  • Nagarkot Forwarders
  • RANK Logistics…and many more

In this TopTalk interview, Bhavesh shares his views on Feedbacks and how it impacts an organization.

Some key highlights of our discussion with Bhavesh :

  • “Feedback is not just an HR element. It is something that has to be ingrained within the entire organizational ecosystem and has to be generated from various sources, for it to be one of the truly helpful tools in reaching the goals of the organization.”
  • “Clients are one of the best sources of feedback. Our first client, who got on-boarded with us 10 years back, during our initial days of starting SenseHR, is still with us. And one of the reasons for this is, that we keep asking them for constructive feedback and then, MOST IMPORTANTLY, ACT upon it !!!”
  • “Remove the element of Prejudice and Fear to have an honest feedback process in the organization.”
  • “I personally do not like using the terms ‘Positive’ and ‘Negative’ to describe feedback. To me, it is either ‘Constructive’ or ‘Non-Constructive’ and ‘Objective’ or ‘Non-objective’.”
  • “If you want to link, Performance Evaluation & Feedback, then, they cannot be looked at in isolation. It is the sum of all the things that comes together and at the core of this entire process for it to be able to give results, is the Culture of the organization.”
  • “We have an open feedback system in our company. My COO, who joined us as a fresher 8 years back, gives me extremely honest and objective feedback and he is absolutely free to do it because that is what our Culture is. This openness of feedback exchange has enabled us not only to have long-term relationships with our clients, but also with our ex-employees. We are still connected with them and ask them to give us honest and constructive feedback on our new endeavors and then we process the same on it’s merit.”
  • “There has to be a sense of freedom attached to the process of collecting feedback and that will come from feedback being Anonymous and asking questions that are objective and to-the-point.”
  • “An organization’s People Management Team must have the maturity to understand that if a person who has served them for many years, wishes to leave instantaneously, there could be some other reason apart from just money !!! This is where the maturity of the People Management Team and having a mechanism of collecting honest & objective feedback, will play a major role.”
  • “For Feedback to be linked to employee performance evaluation, you need a very mature system of Goal Setting that defines every element of it with absolute clarity. And to actually be able to achieve the right outcome, it is important that the exercise of Goal Setting be INCLUSIVE in nature. By that, I mean that the Employee in question, needs to understand her/his Goals, KPIs, Milestones with absolute clarity. Only and strictly in such cases, can we make an attempt of aligning the two.”

Click on video below to watch the full discussion:


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