Bimal Rath, CEO & MD, Think Talent Services

Bimal Rath
Bimal Rath, CEO & MD, Think Talent Services

Bimal is the founder and Managing Director of Think Talent Services, a boutique firm specializing in leadership development, talent management, and culture change.

Prior to his consulting career, Bimal had deep corporate experience across different industries and geographies including the USA, Middle-East, Africa, and APAC. His last corporate position was as the HR Director for Nokia – Asia Pacific. He had previously held senior positions in Eicher, British Telecom, and Tata Sons.

He is also associated with the Center for Creative Leadership, the USA as an executive coach, with Duke Corporate Education as an educator, and also sits on the boards of several small to mid-size young entrepreneurial companies.

In this TopTalk interview, Bimal shares his views on Feedback Best Practices during the Pandemic Scenario and how it impacts an organization.

Some key points discussed with Bimal (video below) :

  • Importance and impact of formalizing the Feedback process in organizations during this pandemic scenario.
  • Key components of an Effective Feedback process in an organization.
  • Tips to exchange Critical Feedback in a more impactful way.
  • Key essentials of an efficient Feedback Tool.
  • Linking Feedback with the Performance Evaluation Process
  • Key questions an organization must ask its employees to get constructive feedback about itself.

Click on the video below to watch our discussion with Bimal: