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Chris WidenerChris Widener is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author of 17 books on leadership, motivation, and success.

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What does organizational culture mean to you?

CHRIS: It is the accepted standards of behavior and beliefs that the organization agrees to based on the everyday life of the members of the organization. It may or may not align with the stated cultural ideals of the organization.

What are the major determinants of organizational culture?

CHRIS: Cultural statements are a start. Those in leadership identify and communicate what they believe should be the corporate cultural standards. The leadership’s own behaviors and beliefs then solidify or undermine those stated cultural beliefs. How strong expectations are set and then monitored also affect the culture.

What is the role of employees in organizational culture?

CHRIS: They, as a group, determine the culture by how they behave. Taken in totality, they are the culture. They should live the culture they desire and police their own when they do not live up to their stated cultural ideals.

What are the common problems associated with managing organizational culture?

CHRIS: Not knowing what your ideal is. Not communicating those ideals. Not policing the ideals to make sure that people live up to them.

What are the ways to innovate company culture? Any best practices to share.

CHRIS: Get as many people involved as possible in developing them. Get buy-in from leaders at every level.

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