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David McNallyDavid McNally is the Founder of TransForm Corporation, an internationally acclaimed business speaker, and a member of the prestigious Speakers Hall of Fame. David is the author of the best-selling books, EVEN EAGLES NEED A PUSH, THE EAGLE’S SECRET, and BE YOUR OWN BRAND.

David’s new book, MARK OF AN EAGLE—How Your Life Changes the World, has been released to exceptional reviews.

Companies such as Amtrak, Delta Air Lines, Disney, Apple Autos, and ASHRM, are but a few of the many distinguished organizations that are TransForm clients.

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What does organizational culture mean to you?

Culture is the sum-total of the attitudes (how a community of people commonly think) and behaviors (how a community of people commonly act) that exist within an organization. Culture drives performance. Culture impacts creativity, collaboration, and commitment.

What are the major determinants of organizational culture?

Culture is influenced significantly by the values of the organization’s leadership. These are not the written values, but the “lived” values. Do leaders consistently model a deep commitment to the customer? Do leaders consistently demonstrate they value their employees? Do leaders act with integrity? A rich, empowering culture is one in which these questions are answered positively. In a toxic, debilitating culture the answers are negative.

What is the role of employees in organizational culture?

The fundamental reason anyone is hired by an organization is to contribute to its success. The formal roles of a person are defined by title and job description. It is the informal roles, however, that influence culture. They include: being a team player, respecting others’ opinions and ideas, being responsive and positive, being solution oriented.

What are the common problems associated with managing organizational culture?

In his book, Good to Great, Jim Collins stated: “Your people are not your greatest asset, the right people are!” The adage that an organization should hire for attitudes and train for skills has never been more important. In terms of creating a dynamic, innovative culture this applies from the highest levels of leadership to the front line. Much pain is avoided by being meticulous in seeking and training people who will embody the culture an organization desires to create.

What are the ways to innovate company culture?

Here are eight questions to reflect upon.

Do people feel valued and respected?

Do their opinions count?

Are they told the truth—good or bad?

Are they clear on their roles and responsibilities?

Do they understand the purpose of their work?

Do they know where the organization is going—the vision?

Do they feel cared for?

Are they acknowledged for their contribution?

“When relationships are deep and enduring, each person knows that the other wants the absolute best for them. In difficult times, each is walking the same path, empathizing, supporting and encouraging. When these attitudes and behaviors are applied across an organization, the culture is rich because of the positive contributions people are making to each other.”

From: MARK OF AN EAGLE—How Your Life Changes the World by David McNally—available on Amazon or ask at your favorite bookstore.

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