Nidhi Dhanju, Chief People Officer, Anchanto

Nidhi Dhanju
Nidhi Dhanju, Chief People Officer, Anchanto

Nidhi Dhanju is the Chief People Officer at Anchanto. Her journey as an HR professional began around 20 years ago with 3M in the United States. After which she joined Infosys and Thermax thereafter in leadership roles before joining Anchanto.

A fast tracker throughout her career, Nidhi has won several accolades for her work including the esteemed Tata Institute Chief Learning Officer Award for the L&D team of the year in 2015, the Prestigious BML Munjal Awards for Excellence in Learning & Development in 2015, the Thermax Innovation Award for the intervention on Prevention of Sexual Harassment at workplace, the esteemed Infosys Chairman’s Excellence Award for the work in Building cultures of Innovation at workplace and many more.

Nidhi received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Economics from Lady Sri Ram College, Delhi in the year 2000 and a PhD in Human Resource Development from the University of Minnesota, USA in year 2006. 

An avid traveller with a passion for people and cultures, her core areas of work are in various facets of Human Resources that includes Succession planning and Leadership Development, Implementation of HR System, Compensation and Benefits, Talent acquisition practices, Business HR partnering, Diversity and Inclusivity practices. 

In this TopTalk interview, Nidhi shares her views on Managing Employees’ Performance during the COVID-19 Pandemic and WFH Scenario:

Key points discussed with Nidhi in this interview (video below) :

  • Impact of the uncertainty of the pandemic situation in terms of employee performance.
  • The proactive measures that can be taken up to keep employees engaged and maintain the overall productivity of the organization.
  • To maintain the balance between overdoing check-ins and not doing anything at all, what are Nidhi’s suggestions for an ideal frequency to do it.
  • What difference can formalizing the feedback process will bring in the organization during this crisis scenario?
    Steps that can be taken to have better goal orientation in the organization.
  • Key questions that an organization must ask its employees to get honest feedback about itself.

Click on the video below to watch our discussion with Nidhi: 


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