Rajneesh Singh, Managing Partner, SimplyHR Solutions LLP

Rajneesh Singh
Rajneesh Singh, Managing Partner, SimplyHR Solutions LLP

Rajneesh comes with over three decades of experience as an HR practitioner as well as an HR entrepreneur. In his corporate avatar, he served well-known organizations like Eicher, Gillette, and Network18 Group. In January 2011 he co-founded SimplyHR Solutions which today is an end-to-end HR firm catering to Start-ups, SMEs, and large organisations. He is a published author, a social media enthusiast, and loves anything to do with the outdoors. He is passionate about making a difference in the lives of people who need more opportunities to achieve their aspirations. He is an active contributor towards entrepreneurship development at the school level initiated by Delhi Government. He is involved with a school for Autism children, Parivartan school in Delhi, and is one of the early supporters of Nayi Disha, Gurugram.

In this TopTalk interview, Rajneesh shares his views on Feedbacks and how it impacts an organization.

Some key points discussed with Rajneesh (video below) :

  • Importance of Formalizing Feedback
  • Importance of Continuous Exchange of Feedback
  • Importance of Training in terms of giving and receiving feedback the right way
  • Importance of Maintaining Professionalism during Feedback Exchange
  • Key Features of an Effective Feedback Process
  • Addressing Bottom-Up Negative Feedback
  • Feedback Process in Start-Ups vs Well Established Companies
  • Key features of an Efficient Feedback Tool
  • Anonymity in terms of Feedback Exchange
  • Linking Feedback with Employee Performance evaluation
  • Key Questions that an organization must ask its Employees to Receive Honest Feedback about itself

Click on the video below to watch our discussion with Rajneesh:




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