Satanik Roy, Co-Founder, HyerXchange

Satanik Roy
Satanik Roy, Co-Founder, HyperXchange

East India’s first Forbes 30 Under 30 (India & Asia’21), Satanik Roy is the Co-Founder of HyperXchange. He is a Mechanical Engineer, turned Entrepreneur who started out of a dorm room, building HyperXchange to over several millions of dollars valuation. 

HyperXchange has been invested by IIM-Calcutta, Microsoft, CP Gurnani (CEO Tech Mahindra), Debu Mukherjee (CMO, UB Group), Mukesh Soni (Executive Director, JP Morgan), and several other investors.

He has also authored ‘The Classic Retreat of Anarchy’ and ‘I Met the Demon’ and has a Post-graduation from Stanford University.

He has been Featured over CNBC, Hindustan Times, Times of India, and several other Media Platforms and was also featured as a case study in PM Modi’s official government manual for PMYuva.

He is the Principal Venture Capital Investment Partner in Drishtycone Ventures, holding over 10+ investments across tech sectors including drones, media, logistics, etc.

He has spoken in several media, forums, and universities including IITs and IIMs and was hosted and honoured by the Consulate General of Scotland and Japan.

To add to his long list of achievements, he also has a Guinness World Record to his name.

In this TopTalk interview, Satanik shares his views on Feedbacks and how it impacts an organization.

Some key highlights of our discussion with Satanik :

  • “In HyperXchange, we use Self Feedback for employees during the first three months when no specific role is given. At the end of three months, the employee comes up with a proper idea of how the organization work so they can now decide what department they want to work in. “
  • “Feedback is the data which needs to be tracked. Data processing or channelizing the data of an organization is important for the growth of a company.”
  • “HyperXchange focuses on team feedback more than personal feedback as we believe it is a team that successfully runs the organization.” 
  • “Creating a culture where employees are willing to work responsibly is important. Psychology plays a key role for self-motivation when the working environment brings new challenges every day.”
  • “Negative Feedback, although it varies on each issue, should be fixed at the initial stage if possible. When an issue is complained by several employees, it should be checked immediately.”
  • “Employee feedback is linked to employee performance evaluation to some extent. In some cases, when an employee delivers his best performances, he should be rewarded. But at the same time, if an employee fails to work properly, it should be the team leader/ manager’s responsibility to take necessary measures before the higher authorities are involved.”

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