Sheetal Mayekar, Founding Member, Rubique

Sheetal MayekarSheetal Mayekar is the lead for Strategic & Commercial Intelligence at Rubique. Being a part of the founding team at Rubique, Sheetal is leading and managing the internal control team, setting processes, handling operational control and driving process automation. She also lends her active support to human capital management for driving culture and employee engagement initiatives.

A computer engineering graduate from the University of Mumbai and an MBA graduate in Marketing from ICFAI, Mumbai, Sheetal has been instrumental in shaping several businesses and drive operational growth at some of India’s leading corporate houses.

How important is Employee Feedback in today’s high-flux organization?

Being a dynamic and steadily growing organization, it is imperative to recognize the team’s efforts in regular, periodic and short intervals. This also acts as a review mechanism and helps identify re-alignment of roles and responsibilities thereof in conjunction with the individual and organizational goals.

How is Employee Feedback done in your organization? And what are the challenges you face?

Rubique follows a quarterly performance review for their employees under ‘An algo of R2’ where employee’s achievements are reviewed against the agreed KRAs and responsibilities. This initiative also helps Rubique to engage with their employees on regular basis. More than feedback challenge, like any other startup, the first challenge was to get the right resources onboard. Once we broke the code of getting the required set of talent on board, the next critical challenge (at times ignored by many start-ups) faced by Rubique is aligning everyone towards the same objective and getting the team “Together”. Though this sounds relatively easier, we realized that it needs to be evolved over a period and is not something that we could achieve overnight. However, sustained efforts of the key team members have ensured that the team is working towards one vision and is totally aligned towards the same. And this check is possible only when you have regular feedback.

How does feedback help in Employee’s Performance development & fulfilling the organization’s goals?

Rubique strongly believes that competition just does not occur between people, but it grows within oneself as well. It encourages employees to challenge their own limits and grow beyond their potential through sheer excellence at work. The joy of exceeding one’s own capacity and capability brings a lot of self-confidence and the ability to challenge yourself further. For this purpose, the deliverables are discussed in details with an individual before the start of assignment & with a documented assurance of what the employee stands to earn by virtue of appraisal/incentive post successful completion of such tasks. Substantial rewards for overachieving the deliverable help employees go ‘That extra Mile’ and unleash their true potential.

How according to you can the feedback structure be made more effective so as to make business more productive & efficient?

As mentioned, yes there is more scope of improvement for us too. Today some part is manual and takes a lot of human efforts. We would like to move towards an automated system of deliverable tracking so we can have more productive & efficient way of assessment.

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